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2005 Nemaha County Fair
Beef and Swine Carcass Show Results

BY: David Key, Nemaha County Extension Agent


2005 Beef Carcass Class

Results of competition in the 2005 Nemaha County Fair Beef Carcass Evaluation Contest that was held at Seneca Meat Market in Seneca on Friday August 5 are finalized. Evaluation of the beef carcasses was done by Dr. David Schafer, KSU Extension Meats Specialist and assisted by Jamie Kissel Fort Scott Community College Meats Judging Team member and former Woodlawn Meadowlarks 4-H Club member. All 4-H Market Steers slaughtered at any Nemaha county meat locker immediately after the fair are eligible for this show. This year, 29 steers were evaluated and the following results were obtained:
Place: Name: Club: Award: Sponsored By:
1st. Place Nick Hasenkamp Red Rustlers  Plaque
$20.00 premium
 Seneca Meat Market
 an anonymous donor.
2nd Place Maggie Hasenkamp Red Rustlers  $15.00 premium  the Nemaha County Coop
3rd Place Travis McCoy Woodlawn Meadowlarks  $10.00 premium the Nemaha County Coop
4th Place Maria Baumgartner Busy Jayhawkers $5.00 premium  the Nemaha County Coop.
5th Place Joel Kramer H.H.H.H    
6th Place Danny Schultejans Kelly Twilighters    
7th Place Erin Wiltz  Busy Jayhawkers    
8th Place Aaron Lueger Kelly Twilighters    
9th Place Jacob Strathman
Red Rustlers
10th Place Andrew Strathman
Red Rustlers
This years steers and market heifers averaged 1256 pounds live weight, 758 pounds carcass weight with a 60.4 % dressing percent; 66 % of the carcass graded choice or better and the average yield grade of 2.28 . Steers were slaughtered at the Seneca Meat Market and Bern Meat Plant in Bern. Anyone interested in purchasing a 4-H beef from the carcass show can contact the Seneca Meat Market.


2005 Swine Carcass Class

Results of the 2005 Nemaha County Fair Special Swine Carcass Class that was held during the County Fair are finalized. Evaluation criteria for the special carcass class include a daily rate of gain, live evaluation in the show ring and live ultrasound scanning of the pigs during the fair by Olson Scanning Service. This year 14 market hogs were entered in the carcass class and the following results were obtained:
Place: Name: Club: Award: Sponsored By:
1st Place Kelsey Farwell Stateliners Plaque
Premium money
Nemaha County Pork Producers
Community National Bank, Seneca
2nd Place Brett Holthaus Achievers    
2nd Place Eric Sperfslage Kelly Twilighters    
4th Place Taylor Holthaus Achievers    
5th Place Chase Deckinger Busy Jayhawkers    
5th Place David Lueger Kelly Twilighters    
7th Place Mikeal Sperfslage Kelly Twilighters    
8th Place Clinton Herrmann Busy Jayhawkers    
9th Place Kent Bloom Woodlawn Meadowlarks    
9th Place Brittney Kramer  Red Rustlers    
 This year the first place rate of gain hog was owned by Eric Sperfslage, Kelly Twilighters and gained 2.19 pounds per day. The first place live evaluation and carcass pig winner was owned by Brett Holthaus, Achievers and the The first place carcass hog was owned by Kelsey Farwell, Stateliners. .
The Community National Bank of Seneca is the donor of the special premiums for this class and without their support a class of the nature could not be held.


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