Friday, April 10, 2020
Parcel Information
The information from the ORION database is now available on-line for both public and registered user searches. The Registered Search information will provide you with detailed information on a parcel of real estate in the County.  If you are a Licensed Appraiser you may also obtain information on the Sales. To become a Registered User please contact the Appraiser's Office at 785.336.2179 or by e-mail at

Neighborhood Revitalization Information

As of April 1, 2015 Nemaha County will have a Neighborhood Revitalization Plan in effect.  YOU MUST APPLY FOR THE PLAN BEFORE BEGINNING CONSTRUCTION OF YOUR PROJECT. To apply, contact the Appraiser's Office at 785-336-2179.  See downloadable application below.

Application to Qualify

Office Staff
County Appraiser
Betty Roeder

Field Appraiser:

Ann Deters

Office Assistant:

Jennifer Engelken
Sherri Sparling
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